Let’s talk Wedding Desserts!

In honor of National Chocolate Cupcake Day, let’s talk about desserts! For any event, especially a wedding dessert are just can be just as important as the hors d’oeuvres and meal. From dessert tables to dessert receptions, you can decide how desserts are showcased at you wedding.

Dessert tables have been popular for many years at all events. It allows you guest to have pick of different desserts and they can pick as the would like. Choosing treats that are favored by you and your partner or maybe your culture can inspire your dessert spread. Mix and matching flavors and textures can allow your guests to try sweets that they may not have thought of reaching for before. An assortment of cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cake, tarts, pies, fruit etc. will keep the night moving as the sugar starts to set in.

Have you heard of dessert reception? Dessert receptions are a new concept, where the only food that is served is dessert. This would be ideal if you are hosting a small wedding and the reception is just at time to mingle and congratulate the new married couple. A desert reception could include a sundae bar, dessert truck, donut wall, cupcake tower and fruit kabobs to name a few and don’t forget the drinks! Water of course, tea, milk, champagne, wine or beer would all pair nicely with desserts.

Traditionally you would just have a tired cake, but you could elevate the idea with a cupcake tower. Imagine tiers of cupcakes in different cake and frosting flavors all matching your theme. This is not only cost effective, but it allows you to have variety without being too extravagant. You could even top the tower with small 6-inch cake for you to save for your 1-year anniversary as tradition shows.

Remember, however you choose to showcase desserts at your wedding make sure it fits your theme and you as a couple. Offering variety will appeal to your guests and allow them to walk away with a dessert experience unlike anything they have before.

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