Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement Party 101

You, like many couples, want to celebrate your newly engagedness with the world and what better way than with an engagement party. This gives you the chance to showcase what your wedding will be like (colors, theme, attire, feel) or give you an opportunity just to throw a killer party!

If you are thinking of using a wedding planner hiring us to help plan your engagement party could give you an opportunity to see how beneficial a planner is to process and the benefit of our services at a cheaper price which will allow you to decide if a planner is right for you.

Whichever option you choose remember it is all about celebrating your love and wanting to share the happiness of your marriage and wedding with those you love.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Luxury Picnic- You can have a luxury picnic experience for engagement party. A picnic is more intimate of a party and gives you a chance to be outside in your backyard, beach, local park or inside your home. Having everything custom to you such as colors, table decor, pillows, food etc. and give your guests and experience dining with low tables and pillows- an upscale relaxed feeling.
  2. A formal affair- Maybe throwing a formal event is more your aesthetic. If you do plan on throwing a formal wedding this would allow you give your guests a glimpse into what your wedding day will look like.
  3. A bar – rent a back room, catered finger foods and open bar will also showcase you and your partner’s style
  4. BBQ/ Pool Party- lawn games, a cooler and some bbq chicken is a complete vibe (combine with a luxury picnic for a complete experience)
  5. Boat Party- Sail out on a private boat of a local sightseeing boat and toast your engagement at sunset.
  6. Game Night- if you are a competitive couple this may be right your alley. Have different games, make teams and go for it! You could even have each guest or couple bring a drink or food that goes with a theme or designate a color to them to make it more interesting.
  7. Bowling- Choosing to have your function at a bowling alley or someplace similar will give you chance to mingle with guests and a fun activity at the same time. (this is what I did for my engagement party!)
  8. A Dinner Party- Hosting an intimate dinner party with a private chef and custom decor to match your upcoming wedding day. Added details like place cards, personalized drink, floral centerpieces and a playlist to give vibe of your day.

However, you choose to celebrate remember to enjoy the day, have fun and feel the love of those around you as you embark on this new journey in life!

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