National Wedding Month- February

February…When this month come around the first thing that comes to mind is Valentines Day; but did you know that this is National Wedding Month! Yes, this is a month that is celebrated by National Association of Bridal Consultants. It is celebrated because Christmas and New Years are the biggest holidays to get engaged and by February the wedding planning begins!

With planning season under way for newly engaged couples here are few facts for you:

  1. October is the usually the most poplar month to get engaged 
  2. December, January and February are the cheapest months out of the year to get married
  3. $27,000 is the average cost of a wedding

How you choose to plan your wedding is up to you and I have few pointers to help in the planning process. First, Have Fun! This is your wedding day and you should make sure that the day as well as the planning is fun and enjoyable for all. Make a Budget, it will be your best friend. Knowing how much to spend and on what will allow for the process to go smoother. Picking colors, theme or concept for your day first will help in narrowing down all aspects for your big day. For me on my wedding day I choose a hotel because I had a lot of out of town guest and this allowed them to have everything in one place and we were downtown so they could sight see during their trip. Deciding what aspects are the most important, such as food, photographer, flowers, venue or open bar, knowing your top important aspects will help in the planning process. 

If hiring a planner is in the budget I would suggest getting one. As a planner, they can be there throughout the planning process and help with all the research and narrowing of the vendors or you can hire a planner for the day of to allow you and your close family and friends to enjoy the day and someone can be in the background making sure your day goes as you planned.

While in enjoying the romance of Valentine’s day and the fun of super bowl Sunday, make sure preparing and planning for you wedding is just as romantic and fun. 

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples!

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